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Nov 28, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments

November Meeting

It’s the best turnout we’ve had in years.It’s sad when 5 people attending are the best you can show. Thanks to Kelly for hosting at Altera, and to Walt, Bruce, and Ed for attending. It was sort of like old homecoming week, given that four of us have worked together at various times in the past. We did discuss the concept of topics for future meetings, as well as to how we can increase the attendance.

Jul 10, 2003 - 3 minute read - Comments

Going on Safari?

Note: This offer no longer exists Ever wonder how to fit all those O’Reilly books on a bookshelf? Try using a virtual bookshelf and an O’Reilly subscription service. Yes, this is a plug for a service, but it is actually useful, and given how much I’ve personally spent on O’Reilly books, this looks like a good deal to me. ![no description](/img/2003/Oreilly_safari_logo_b9002d.png) If you’re not yet familiar with the O’Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf, it’s worth a look.

Jun 26, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments

June Meeting Info

Congratulations to Kelly. He received the first O’Reilly book that was being given out. He is now the proud owner of Using Samba, and hopefully he will post a review on the site after he reads up on the topic. Next month, there will be another book on the table. For those interested, the meeting conversation included site monitoring, ecommerce, and burn out. Scott

Jun 20, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments

Mailing list software installed

UPDATE - The mailing list software has been broken for quite some time. I was completely unaware for a while, that shows the activity it wasn’t getting. I have decided not to revive the mailman based system, but to add a new one. Hopefully it will integrate into this system a little better.As some/most of you know by now, I have installed mailman on the web server. You can sign up for announcements at http://www.

Jun 13, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments

Do we have any topics?

This area is for the proposal of topics for future meetings.If anyone has any ideas for meetings, please post them here. If you have something you want to present, please feel free to volunteer to do so. It would be a good idea to post meeting ideas individually as new topics, so we can have a separate running commentary on each topic. Once we get a few on the go, we can have a vote on what we want to see when.