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Mar 20, 2019 - 1 minute read - Comments

Miracles Happen

UPDATE: Not so fast…

We did have the room, but we were cautioned that the hvac is not working, so in a fit of sanity, we will go to Tim’s again.

Now that I actually posted that the meeting would be at the local donut shop, I get an email yesterday informing me that we have the room for tomorrow night. The universe is out to prove me wrong :)

I’m happy I didn’t send out the email yesterday morning telling people that we would be drinking coffee and eating sugary things while we sat in uncomfortable chairs. Instead we will be drinking coffee, possibly eating sugary things sitting in more comfortable chairs with a lower ambient noise and a somewhat better WiFi access.

We are back at the remodeled Dymon boardroom, which should not be an oven any more.

Looking forward to tomorrow evening and an actual tech talk.

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