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Apr 19, 2023 - 2 minute read - Comments

Design Thoughts

This site needs some minor tweaking and possibly a new theme. I’m not too concerned with the general look, but I want it to be clean and not busy. You should not want to stab your eyes out when looking at it or reading it.

I am also considering going back through all of the content and retagging it so that it can be viewed by topic rather than the linear stream it currently is. This is probably a lot of work and will take a bit of time, but the early posts are mostly from a mailing list and not really interesting beyond providing a history. It would be nice to carve out any technical items and start adding presentations we do as well.

I should be able to do that and keep it reasonably light as any recent presentations I have worked on for other groups are written in asciidoc, processed by asciidoctor and produced as reveal-js content. It renders in a browser and can be printed to a presentation copy PDF right from the browser engine, so that is a bonus. No need to create and store PDFs for those who want a copy.

I guess that suggests a topic for an upcoming meeting, the toolchain and how it works for the site. Stay tuned for that talk. It will be the first presentation added.

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