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Apr 25, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments


Hi All, I have to unload 20 UPS’s cheap, resellers welcome. They are APC SmartUPS, rack mountable, heavy!! Some plug into 120 volts, some into 220 volts. About 19" x 16" x 6", $200 each. 836 5471, ask for me. I hope this message is appropriate use of the mailing list. cheers – Rick – Rick Leir 613-828-8289 -> rleir AT leirtech DOT com I tend to think of C# as Java with Security, Reliability and

Apr 24, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments


Sorry about the Dates confusing with the Symposium conflict, I was looking at my Outlook from Thursday meetings in which the 15th was the 3rd thursday of the month and just went back a day. As Scott had helped me with, indeed I will be able to go to the May 21st meeting.

Apr 24, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments

New Look!!

Welcome to the new (finally) website. I know it’s a bit minimalistic right now, but I wanted to get something new up and running so that there would appear to be progress. We need a list of topics, and some moderators for these topics. I suspect that some topics would include: gereral Unix administration windows administration specific unices embedded OS security admin etc. Any additions/changes/enhancements are welcome. I also want to get some information posted on here.

Apr 23, 2003 - 2 minute read - Comments

Re: RE: [ovsage] Re: April Meeting

Hi Dave, It’s great to hear from you. Maybe we can get together for some wings? Just to clear up the confusion that post sent, Hooters is not a former Nortel building (although it did have the nickname Fitz 4). The building behind Hooters is :) I used to work in the larger former Nortel building just across the street. I would like to address the concern regarding a conflict with the 15th

Apr 23, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments


Sorry, I meant Wed. May 14th.