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May 27, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

May ovsage meeting notes

At the last ovsage meeting, two of us installed Linux into virtual machines, then installed postfix into those virtual machines. One of us managed to get his postfix working, so that someone else present could send him an email. In my case, I had already installed DSL (Damn Small Linux) into VirtualBox. During the meeting, I upgraded DSL to Debian and installed postfix. But, I was using NAT for networking, and that did not allow for external machines to talk to my mail server.

May 27, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments

I (finally) joined new ovSAGE website

From Alan Fields: Hi, Yes I’ve finally joined ovSAGE. I attended meeting at Fidus this month. It was good but we need to work on recruiting members. Thanks to all those who keep these user groups going. afields

May 22, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments

BSDcan 2007 Photos

This post contains a lot of photos from bsdcan 2007. 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcc6e4cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcc704cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcc7e4cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bccb44cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bccd74cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bccda4cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bccdc4cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bccf04cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bccf14cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd2a4cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd2b4cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd2d4cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd354cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd594cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd5d4cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd604cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd634cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd774cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd8b4cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900cd972bcd914cd5 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da521be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da528be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da52abe2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da550be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da553be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da55ebe2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da562be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da583be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da58abe2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5a0be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5a3be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5a6be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5babe2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5c0be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5c3be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5c5be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5d0be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5d4be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da5fdbe2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da60bbe2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da60dbe2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da610be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da614be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da623be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da626be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da653be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da657be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da658be2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d09e6da65abe2b 6a00c2252017b3f21900d414335761685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d414335770685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d4143357ae685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d4143357c7685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d4143357c9685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d4143357cc685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d4143357cd685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d4143357ce685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d4143357e2685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d4143357e9685e 6a00c2252017b3f21900d4143357f3685e

May 19, 2007 - 6 minute read - Comments

BSDCan 2007 - Day 4

Wow! It took me long enough to get back to this. I started to write this on May 19th and just got it finished. I’ll blame being involved in too much :) Day 4 - started later, 10:00 - much easier to get to. As it’s a long weekend and a Saturday, the traffic was light getting down here and there was parking on the street instead of the parking structure.

May 18, 2007 - 5 minute read - Comments

BSDCan 2007 - Day 3

Day 3 - New toys, short(er) presentations Opening keynote/opening session Dan has gotten quite informal with this and it goes pretty fast. The keynote started late (people still registering), so it was brief and just welcomed everyone, mentioned some evening activities (including the BSDcert beta tonight), what to after the conference on Sunday, and the fact that pgcon is on next week. First session - Coverity Code audit and testing software.