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Mar 18, 2016 - 1 minute read - Comments

March Followup

It’s time again for an update after the meeting. Somewhat better turnout than last month (by one person). The talk was short but somewhat interesting. Of course, finding a practical usage case is entirely based on what you do for a living. Interestingly enough, after the meeting, while I was getting the slides into a format for the website, I ran across a github project that covered a number of usage cases for Jupyter Notebooks.

Feb 23, 2016 - 2 minute read - Comments

Post February Update

Not too much to say after the Thursday meeting. Small attendance, small topic. We had a new person show up, so it wasn’t the best night for me to have lost my presentation. I’ve had ghost copies of presentations hang around for ages and not be able to get rid of them. In this case though I fat fingered a response and lost my talk. No recovery, no temp copies, nothing.

Jan 19, 2016 - 2 minute read - Comments

Access control headers

I visited the site yesterday and all of the social media icons had turned into hollow squares. I thought that was a little odd, given that it had been working before that so I checked to make sure the fonts were being served. The logs showed that the requests were most assurredly being getting served, so I was left with a new mystery. I really dislike surprises when I have made no changes to something.

Jan 4, 2016 - 2 minute read - Comments

OSX and the dd command

In prepartaion for building one of those Raspberry Pi clusters for a demo, I was dumping the raspbian image to a 8GB class 10 SD card on my macbook pro. The write speed was abysmal… laptop:~ user$ sudo dd if=./2015-11-21-raspbian-jessie.img of=/dev/disk2 bs=1m Password: 3752+0 records in 3752+0 records out 3934257152 bytes transferred in 4278.617339 secs (919516 bytes/sec) laptop:~ user$ diskutil eject /dev/disk2 laptop:~ user$ For those who care, that is roughly 73.

Jan 1, 2016 - 1 minute read - Comments

Simple Additions

I was browsing a few pictures a few minutes ago and decided I’d add some pictures for bsdcan 2015 and lisa'15. Literally as simple as tag the photos I want to use, export them to a folder, write an article stub, and then push to production. That has to be the simplest adding of images I’ve done on one of these blog engines yet.