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Feb 23, 2016 - 2 minute read - Comments

Post February Update

Not too much to say after the Thursday meeting. Small attendance, small topic.

We had a new person show up, so it wasn’t the best night for me to have lost my presentation. I’ve had ghost copies of presentations hang around for ages and not be able to get rid of them. In this case though I fat fingered a response and lost my talk. No recovery, no temp copies, nothing. I tried to recover but I had nothing going for me. I thought I had saved it at least once under the new name, but no such luck. Lost without a trace, so it was a bit of a ramble on the topic rather than an actual presentation. This woule be the one time Powerpoint behaved as it is supposed to do.

On the other hand, we had a pretty good Raspberry Pi build day. Despite it being a small turnout, we had some fun. Lots of sensors and Pi units. We spent the first hour discussing what all of the sensors were and what could be done with them. After that, it was get a console cable working on the built-in serial port. That was somewhat new for some people, as they had previously only controlled the units by ssh or with a monitor and keyboard. While we didn’t get a lot done, we did get a lot answered.


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