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Oct 25, 2010 - 3 minute read - Comments

October Followup

We had a few things to discuss at the last meeting, but no serious technical talk. I promised to post a couple of links so here we go… First item on the table was anyone who has tried to get the email server running and failed AND still wants to get it working, send me an email off-list and I’ll get together with you to get it done. Serious requests only :)

Oct 15, 2010 - 1 minute read - Comments

LinkedIn group created

We now have a group on LinkedIn, so if you are a LinkedIn member, sign up! This may help promote the group at a professional level. Thanks for the idea Jim!

Oct 14, 2010 - 1 minute read - Comments

October Meeting

Title: October Meeting Location: The Pythian Group Link out: Click here Description: This will be an open topic meeting, so bring a few questions. I want to talk about some tools I’ve seen recently and some of the happenings in the community. Start Time: 19:00 Date: 2010-10-21 End Time: 21:30

Sep 26, 2010 - 1 minute read - Comments

September followup...

We had a great presentation by Jeff Green on his ethical hacking site group51. He provided the slides that were presented and I’ve placed them in the download section of the site. Jeff also encouraged the members to sign up and contribute. He needs assistance on the site management and daily maintenance as it is becoming more than a single person job. If you have the bandwidth and the inclination, help out.

Sep 16, 2010 - 1 minute read - Comments

September Presentation

Title: September Presentation Location: The Pythian Group Link out: Click here Description: We are having a short presentation on ethical hacking concentrating on Linux by Jeff Green, founder of One of the key objectives of the website is a proof of concept. We take systems we find in peoples garbage and insert them into a cloud computing environment connected through an open source intranet. We want to be the most powerful garbage pile in the world.