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Jul 10, 2003 - 3 minute read - Comments

Going on Safari?

Note: This offer no longer exists

Ever wonder how to fit all those O’Reilly books on a bookshelf? Try using a virtual bookshelf and an O’Reilly subscription service.

Yes, this is a plug for a service, but it is actually useful, and given how much I’ve personally spent on O’Reilly books, this looks like a good deal to me.

![no description](/img/2003/Oreilly_safari_logo_b9002d.png)

If you’re not yet familiar with the O’Reilly Network Safari Bookshelf, it’s worth a look. With Safari, you can access over 1,000 technical books from the top technical book publishers – O’Reilly (of course), Pearson, and Microsoft Press. There is an extremely cool search capability that allows you to search through all 1,000+ books for the answer you need–or even code samples–in minutes. Check it out at: The Safari Website

O’Reilly is offering usergroup members a trial membership to Safari Bookshelf. If you ever wanted to access something that is in print at O’Reilly, this is a quick and easy way to do so. Basically, you visit the signup page at: The Safari User Group Page and after signing up, you get 14 days to access up to 10 books (details at the above URL). If you decide to check it out, make sure you mention OVSAGE in the signup form

  • Is that it? Thats all? Just 14 days access?

    • Well, there is a little more… They are also running a tips and tricks type promotion as well and if you send in a tip, trick, or comment, you will be entered in a weekly drawing for fun stuff from O’Reilly (T-shirts, book bags, other surprises).

Some information you need to know (visible on the signup page):

  • How many books can I access?

    • During the first 14 days, Safari Tech Books Online entitles you to a 10-slot bookshelf at no charge. Most Safari books occupy a single slot on your bookshelf. In most cases, a 10-slot bookshelf equates to a 10-book bookshelf. While you can search the entire Safari bookshelf, you will only be able to view the full-text content of the books you choose to put in your booshelf.
  • Can I access more books?

    • Yes, but not for free. If you decide to upgrade during the free period, you’ll be charged.
  • Do I have to cancel to avoid being billed?

    • Yes. Your free subscription ends after 14 days. At that time we will automatically roll over your subscription from free to paid. To cancel your subscription, log in to Safari, click on the “My Account”, and then “Cancel Your Safari Subscription”.
  • How much does a Safari subscription cost?

    • When your free period ends, your subscription will continue at the current level: $14.99 per month for 10 slots. Alternative subscription levels are also available.

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