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Jun 20, 2003 - 1 minute read - Comments

Mailing list software installed

UPDATE - The mailing list software has been broken for quite some time.

I was completely unaware for a while, that shows the activity it wasn’t getting. I have decided not to revive the mailman based system, but to add a new one. Hopefully it will integrate into this system a little better.As some/most of you know by now, I have installed mailman on the web server. You can sign up for announcements at

I am of the opinion that the yahoo mailing list was getting a little too much for most people, given the rather large amount of advertising that was involved. Microsoft has this problem as well, so I thought that I would bite the bullet and install mailman.

It’s in, and appears to be running. As this is new (to me) software, don’t be alarmed by any oddball messages or duplicate messages while I get up to speed in configuring and managing the list.

Also, check out the poll that should be posted at the side.


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