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Dec 12, 2016 - 3 minute read - Comments

LISA'16 Was Fun

Boston in December is chillier then in November, however that is not really an issue when you spend a week there and don’t even have to go outdoors. There were a lot of people who never left the venue all week. I would be one of them this time around. While I’d usually check out some of the local scenery, I had a few lingering items to take care of the first few nights I was there and then free time vanished.

Technically I left the hotel, as the venue is attached to Prudential Center and has a number of places to eat if you want to have something close and not bother carrying a jacket with you.

It was a fun week, at least as I describe fun. Some others consider it to be drinking from the firehose. Either way, I came home with many ideas and a desire to use as much of it as possible. Micro-services/containers seem to be big ticket items this year, as well as IoT, Security, deep learning, and many other topics that I’d love to get much better at doing.

I encourage you to view some of the videos from the conference. You can find slides, audio and video for many of the sessions on the LISA'16 Site.

Next year LISA will be in San Francisco and will start on October 29th, so expect there to be a Haloween Party at the conference. This is pure speculation, however it seems likely. It will be warmer though, I don’t see anyone arguing with that.

Also, a shout out to Ed who managed to meet up with me on the last night. Thanks for taking the time, given how busy you were.

You might note that in the photos, the slide for next year has incorrect dates. The conference runs until November 3rd, not 1st.

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