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May 8, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

BSDcan coming up next week.

Well, the BDcan 2007 conference starts in a week. I’m looking forward to it, as I actually plan on attending a few of sessions this time. In the past it’s been a little randon if I attend a session as it’s usually a last minute decision.

The first year I was taping the sessions, so I never actually managed to listen to the session. I missed the next year due to work commitments, and the year after that I was doing security (checking to see if people actually were supposed to be there), so I ended up sitting in on whatever I was closest to.

This year I’m working on the wireless networking and I have a plan. I’m just hoping that work doesn’t intrude. The 4 tutorial sessions look like they would be interesting, and there is a bit of security and system administration that I want to attend. The only down side if there are conflicts.

I’m going to attempt to tape some of the sessions, but I doubt it will work out as well as it could. If I can get my hands on the cd audio recordings afterward, I may be able to dub the sound in and get a proper audio track. One can always hope. On the plus side, I’ll have my notebook and a couple of cameras, so there will be pictures.

Here is a list of things happening at the conference. If I remember correctly, you can register at the door as well:

BSDCan 2007 Schedule

May Meeting - email configuration in postfix BSDcan 2007 starting Wednesday...

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