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May 7, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments

May Meeting - email configuration in postfix

The May meeting will be pushed out a week, due to the BSD Canada conference. It would be too difficult to race from the conference to the meeting, so I’m bumping the meeting a week.

Don’t forget the topic for this month, configuring email. I believe we were going to look at postfix (which should be new to most of us). If you have a laptop, feel free to bring it along.

Those who run windows on their laptops should be able to bring obtain a copy of virtualPC from MS to run under windows (it’s free), mac users can get parallels (intel mac) or MS virtual PC (power mac) neither being free (parallels also runs under windows), linux users or windows users can get a copy of vmware player (which is also free).

Other alternatives include bochs, vbox, qemu, etc. Perhaps we need a session on virtualization. We could cover individual virtualization, as well as enterprise. There are at least two individuals in the group with enterprise level virtualization experience.

For those who need some links:

Of course, you can always bring a freshly installed laptop as well.

MacBook exploit (actually java exploit) BSDcan coming up next week.

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