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May 17, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

BSDcan 2007 - day 1 (tutorials)

Day 1 is completed - so far so good. Other than some difficulties with the room wiring, causing me to miss most of the morning session on VOIP, things went well. Maybe I can get a copy of the slides to go over. On the plus side, the wireless networking was flawless after I took a shortcut to solve the room jack issue.

I did manage to take a photo of the presenter and a shot of the room on my PDA, so that will get posted eventually.

The afternoon session was much smoother. It was a tutorial on watching networkj traffic using netflow. Quite interesting - especially with the emphasis on doing it on the cheap. I had never considered the amount of interesting stuff you can look at without capturing the content of the data streams, just the headers. A lot of info was covered. Once the conference is over, the slides should be available from the BSDcan website. If you need to know what is going on on the network, this is something you should read. There are also a couple of photos from this session.

I forgot to take my video camera, but one of the other attendees managed to bring his, so this session was taped. I hope it comes out properly as the room was small enough to capture the sound without echoing. A little post production work may even make it sound good. Not at all like the audio disaster that I had from the first conference. If you ever get the opportunity to record from the room sound system, do it.

Once edited it may be available for either download or burned to DVD.  One can always hope.


BSDcan 2007 starting Wednesday... All about ovSAGE (well, the old about)

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