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Dec 29, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments

Oddities as I do the conversion

As I work my way through the content of the site to get it ready for the January launch of the new look and feel of the site, I am oticing that the tag cloud looks a little odd. It has some of the strangest emphais on some words and not on others. A brief look through the site shows the actual reason, a lack of tags.

Apparently I didn’t tag things very well - some posts have no tags as you can see below.

$ grep Tags: ????/*.md
2007/ bsdcan 2007 audio, bsdcan audio
2010/ beginnings, new site, starting over
2010/ Backups, RAID, UPS
2010/ events module, javascript, tag issue
2010/ CentOS, HOWTO, SMB, VirtualBox, virtualization
2010/ email, headers, RFCs, standards
2011/ schools of thought, security
2011/ Backups, LOPSA, mentor program
2011/ Backups, LOPSA, mentor program
2011/ perl, SysAdmin
2011/ ESXi, perl
2011/ apps, Blogging, iOS
2011/ Acanac, cable modem, ISP, speed test
2011/ audio, BSDCan, BSDCan 2011
2011/ drobo, NAS, storage
2011/ documentation, epub, firewall, meeting
2011/ careers, certifications, documentation, self marketing
2011/ data analysis, ebooks, o'reilly book, R, statistics
2011/ beer, social, wings
2012/ asterisk, PBX, VoIP
2012/ archiving, documentation, drupal, egroups (yahoo), FrontPage, geeklog, wordpress
2012/ sysadmin day, system administration appreciation day
2012/ mailing list
2012/ discount, ebook
2012/ Debian, Linux, Open Source, packages, RHEL, Wiki
2013/ btrfs, cms, coursera, documentation, raspberry pi, ruby, suse
2014/ SysAdmin, SysAdmin Appreciation Day
2015/ lisa, LOPSA, topics
$ grep Tags: ????/*.md | wc -l

Thinking about it, it makes sense, as I was not really tagging at all and using the categories to find things when I wanted. I guess that will have to change if I want the tag cloud to be of any use. I should go and make sure the categories are all working as expected. That would be another item to add to the list.

Tags: pelican tags conversion web site

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