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Dec 2, 2015 - 2 minute read - Comments

November Follow-up

Not too much of a follow-up really, as it wasn’t a technical talk night. The annual social is on Dec 14, 2015, click the calendar link in the widget to get more details.

As this was really a post-LISA'15 talk, not much new was discussed. We did create a list of future topics, so that will get fleshed out over the next little while. I’ve got until early January to get a talk together and an embarrassing richness of topics, so there will be a talk on a requested topic, I just need to pick one.

I’ll post the slides from the talk, not that there is a lot in there, just some of the fun I had at LISA when I get a few items settled.

As for the topics, here is an incomplete list:

  1. Vagrant

  2. Otto

  3. Vault

  4. Cacert/GPG talk

  5. Graphite/grafana

  6. Certifications?

  7. Resumés for the non-technical (I can’t remember what this actually meant)

  8. SysAdmin toolkit (physical/software)

  9. Free Learning

  10. Embedded hardware

  11. Home Automation/WiFi

  12. Project Day - This will be a prep night and a day long event on a weekend, basically a hands on build day

  13. Microservices

  14. Project Atomic

  15. Ignite talk night

  16. Centralized Logging (synology or Linux)

  17. Docker: what is it and why would you want it?

  18. Things to do with your Synology (or other package enabled NAS with similar capabilities):

    • Docker on Synology
    • Synology as Datastore for ESXi (thin provisioned iSCSI)
    • Crashplan on Synology
    • Monitoring with Nagios (or icinga) (on synology)
  19. Logstash

  20. Various git items: git, github, gitolite, gitlab, git-annex, git-stash, gist

  21. Backups, snapshots, filesystem features, etc.

  22. Building a hackintosh on a spare laptop

  23. Documenting your lab setup

  24. Building a phone system AND programming it beyond the basics

  25. Openstack 

  26. IPv6 Implementation & Gotchas

  27. Centralized authentication at home with technologies such as LDAP or FreeIPA and why you might want to do it

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Photos from LISA'15 Oddities as I do the conversion

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