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Sep 29, 1999 - 2 minute read - Comments

[ovsage] Re [ovsage] September Meeting - September 30, 1999

How timely. At LISA 99, I will be hosting a workshop on running global
corporate networks (regardless of the name of workshop, which I had no
control over).

Now, here in Ottawa, we have lots of companies who have networks that fit
into this category, but locally only Nortel Networks employees have signed
up for the workshop (mostly because I harassed certain individuals). We do
not cover general system administration issues (go to Adam’s workshop for
those), but rather the issues involved with attempting to get our jobs done
when components of the job are done either many times, or in remote

The details are at - giga-lisa
< events lisa99 brochure workshops.php#giga-lisa> ,
and I could ram about another 10 participants into the room. Sign up
deadlines are looming and the process is on their web page. Attendance is
limited and you must apply and be accepted to attend.

I have yet to make an ovsage meeting and this one will be no different, but
I would set time aside on Sunday or Tuesday to have one in Seattle.

Joel Avery

Network Services Architect +1 613 765-4638 ESN 395-4638
Architecture and Planning
Information Services <></>
Nortel Networks <></>

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From: Murphy, Scott [FITZ3:9D15:EXCH]
Sent: September 28, 1999 1:38 PM
Subject: [ovsage] September Meeting - September 30, 1999

Sorry for the short notice.

Details for the next meeting of Ottawa Valley SAGE.

Location: Ambleside Phase 1.
1081 Ambleside Dr

Date: Thursday September 30, 1999

Time: 19:00

Directions: Ambleside Dr. runs parallel to Richmond Rd (1 street
north). The nearest well known intersection is
Ave & Richmond Rd. From there, go west on Richmond Rd.
(approx 1 mile) and turn right on McEwen. This will
become Ambleside Dr. Turn left at Ambleside Phase 1.

There is plenty of parking available beside building.

Note: The boardroom does not have an intercom. Please ring
InterNo 174 (J. Charbonneau) to gain access inside the

Topics: LISA 99, alternative administration technologies. home: - Simplifying group communications


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