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Jun 24, 2011 - 2 minute read - Comments

Wordpress has this export/import feature

I was just thinking about all of my past comments to the “Usual Suspects” about adding data from times long gone to the site. That reminded me that I once had a blog on Vox which closed last November (2010) and they provided a mechanism to convert the blog over to

As it was going to vanish and I had actually bothered to post some items over there, I decided to do the migration and save the data. The actual process was much smoother then I expected it to be - the posts translated properly and looked good. As this was effectively a Q&D backup, I left it as a private blog, deciding that I’d move it here eventaully.

That didn’t happen until now (for some flexibly determined value of now). I am still not sure how it will turn out, as the import is still ongoing. There were a ton of attachments, mostly audio from BSDCan, so I have no idea how long it will take. Maybe it will be finished by morning?

The idea here is to start populating all of the data I have saved over the ears and see if I can get that project completed. I’m in the process of getting my home office done, so I have a “get things done” attitude right now. Hopefully the momentum will continue for a while, maybe even the entire summer.

BSDCan 2011 audio is available It's the July really long weekend

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