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Jul 3, 2012 - 1 minute read - Comments

Site Maintenance

In an effort to avoid more power outage issues and get the site a little faster and more reliable, I’ve migrated the site to a hosting provider. This of course comes with a few issues, so if something is broken, please let me know. This was an excuse to dispose of the rather ancient box that was hosting the site as well, so it was a plus for me on the power usage front.

As a side effect, I’ve lost my mailing list archive. Unfortunately, I forgot all about it when I was doing a backup of the site and didn’t manage to grab the mailing list directory before I nuked the old drives. I could recreate the archive by hunting through all of my old email, but I don’t think we lost anything of actual value. It was mostly meeting announcements.

It does bring up an interesting topic though… How does one recreate a mailman archive on a different server if you don’t have access to the actual mailman directory? Does mailman have the ability to export and import an archive? I haven’t found one (but then again, I’ve not looked too hard yet). Ideas welcome.

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