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Dec 21, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

Post December Meeting (aka: stuffed)

Well, that was quite the meal:

  • Good food
  • Good company
  • Good wine
  • Good conversation

Pretty much sums it up. I’m sitting in front of my computer wondering how long it will be until I feel like a normal person again. I have to order a smaller meal next time I am down there.

For those who were wondering where that post I mentioned regarding the Apple Leopard Server OS, the link is “I’m not a mac zealot. Really!” Of course, there are those who doubt, especially after the mac promo info I gave out at the meeting.

2008 is almost upon us and it’s time to think about content for the next year. I’m trying to get Zentra in to do a NetApp presentation, but I’m not sure about when that will be. We can always get Brenda to talk about using git for source code management and I can chat about some of the more interesting things I have done during the past year. I think I posted a comment on setting up PXE for Linux Installs. I have also managed to get it working for Solaris installs as well, so that can be a topic for a meeting. DHCP vs bootparmd.

I’m staring at a Makefile listing for my old Solaris NIS master and the Makefile for the new Linux one I am setting up. The approach is significantly different, but I think I prefer the Linux one (it’s easier to follow once you get started). I just have one thing that doesn’t appear to work and it’s driving me nuts. The final files end up in the wrong location, even though they worked flawlessly before I added the extra maps. It will probably make more sense after sleep.