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Aug 22, 2010 - 2 minute read - Comments

Post August Meeting Info

I have uploaded the config files I talked about during the meeting. These files make reference to some extra items such as greylisting and spamassassin, as well as the use of self-signed SSL certificates. You will notice a new menu item on the site under About called ovSAGE Downloads. Go there for the tarball which contains the default and production files as well as diff files for each pair.

The main documents for all of this are located on the CentOS website. The following items describe the docs and their locations:

  • If you are starting over, the basic postfix install document is located here: Postfix HOWTO
  • In order to do the greylisting under postfix, have a look at the Greylisting HOWTO
  • To get spamassassin running, you need the spamassassin rpm installed. There is a HOWTO on using it along with anti-virus software at I believe I just installed the package, enabled it and ran the update rules script to get it working. This site is a little more ambitious.
  • One final item is creating and managing self-signed SSL certificates. I normally do this from the command line, but I had heard of a project for keeping track and managing them. It’s called tinyCA and you can find it at It uses  X-windows, so you will need to run it on one of your unix boxes. I can go over the usage next meeting after the presentation, but it is pretty straight forward and playing with it should work out OK. Don’t worry if you mess up at first, just revoke and delete any bad certificates. Unless you are a security paranoid and like generating certificates, make your certs longer than one year.

I think that covers everything. I am using all of the stuff we discussed to redo the ovsage mail server and provide authenticated SMTP from outside as well as secure IMAP access for my smartphone and laptop.

A future session will cover setting up squirrelmail as an SSL protected web front-end to your mailserver. As I have not installed this yet, I’ll probably do it live so you can all see it being done.

The menu items have changes since this was written. The downloads are under the menu item Downloads now.

Note: Of course, that implies we still have a download area, which we do not.

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