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We are currently investigating the possibility of setting up
a console server. It would reside on a Compaq PC running Lynux
(Redhat 5.2).

Would you have any suggestions on communication software that I could
install that would allow remote access.
Pierre Charbonneau

What exactly do you want it to be a console server for? unix boxes?
Assuming you have several serial ports, just plug them into what ever machines you want to be the console for. From here on our there are MANY configuration options, depending on exactly how you want to access it. One of the simplest is to just telnet to the linux box and run a program like minicom (which should be included with redhat– assuming you chose to load it– try /usr/bin/minicom). Minicom is a serial communications program commonly used to control a modem for dialing BBS’s, etc. I use it daily as a console for programming routers. Basically you start up minicom, select the serial port you want to use, set the baud rate to what ever you need (typically 9600, 8N1) and go.

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