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Jul 20, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments

Note to Self... (and others)

Hey Self!

Next time you upgrade the modules on the website, try a few things out. The unresponsive FCKeditor should have been a signal that something was wrong.

OK, I know this seems a little schizo, but sometimes it takes a 2x4 (or larger) to get me to see the light. I need to remember that just because the system can tell me about updates to modules AND can install them for me automagically, it doesn’t mean they get configured properly.

The question that remains is… “Does everything still work?”

It seems so, but I am not at all sure. I don’t exercise the whole website very often, so there may be some rough edges that I’ll miss. Tell me about any you find.

I’m also wondering if the upgrade broke anyone’s login? Miner is OK, but there may be some broken ones.

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