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Jul 26, 2012 - 1 minute read - Comments

Mailing list restored

Not to make it seem like there is a lot to browse in there, but the mailing list archive has been restored. Other than not having ssh access to the server in order to be able to manage things a little more directly, I’m pretty satisfied with the new provider. The faster response time and better availability is not bothering me either :) Remember that the mailing list is located at this URL -

I did answer my own question though. It seems that if you ask nicely and the fine people providing the hosting service have some familiarity with the mailman software, all you need to do is provide a mbox format file with the archive in it and they can insert it into the list for you. I think I’ll be trying that with another site (and another hosting provider) to see if I can migrate the history over.

While I would always prefer to host the site on my own gear, the power issues and incredibly slow uplink from my ISP was making it painful for access, so I’m hoping this will make it a little more useful.

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