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Mar 20, 2011 - 1 minute read - Comments

LOPSA mentoring

Back in November or December I told the group about the LOPSA mentoring project and the call for volunteers at the community meeting at LISA. I believe that I had also stated that I had volunteered to be a mentor and I’m happy to announce that a project came up and that I have been matched up with someone who requires assistance with a backup system.

While we haven’t really started yet (this only just happened) I’m hoping that it will be a pleasant experience for both of us. Once the project is completed, I’ll post a note about the project and the solution used, as well as a link to software and the type of environment. I’m hoping it may make a useful talk for a meeting or at the very least an outline as to how we solved a technical problem. As it is a short term project, I’m hoping we will have it completed before the April meeting so I can at least report the success of the project.

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