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Jun 1, 2006 - 2 minute read - Comments

LOPSA Membership Drive

For anyone who is interested, LOPSA is almost at their recruiting target. We have three LOPSA members that I am aware of, so if we could manage 2 more, ovsage would have a whopping 1% of the target membership :)

Sign up at

The following is a letter sent to the existing community.

Dear LOPSA members,

May has 41 days this year!

Response to May Membership Month has been active. Signing up our 500th member is well within our grasp (less than 40 to go!)

We’ve heard from a few members that they want a few more days to sign up new members, so we’re extending May Membership Month (and Charter Membership availability!) until 23:59:59 June 10th. We’ll even give you three extra hours - we’ll use Pacific time!

But this is it. Really. After June 10th, there will never, ever be any new Charter members.

So, this is it. The last chance for Charter Membership, and the last chance to be the person who signs up member number 500. I promise something special for the 500th member, and for their sponsor.

Please join me in inviting others in our community to enjoy the benefits of LOPSA membership. Members are the foundation of the organization. Increasing our membership is one of our more important goals for this year. There’s no better time to join the community and help our profession.

Tom Perrine,
LOPSA President

Followup to May Meeting Good. Fast. Cheap. O'Reilly Launches PDF Guides

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