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Nov 1, 2007 - 2 minute read - Comments

LinuxFest 2007

I was sure I had posted about this, but I guess I never finished or I dreamed about it. Pretty much the same thing I would guess.

The event was October 13 in Toronto and had a pre-conference part the night before as well as a post conference party. I skipped the pre-conference party as I was visiting my brother and it would have been pretty rude to drop in and say “Here’s my junk, I’ll see you later.”

I wasn’t trying to get to too many things, as my expectation level was not very high, this being a first conference and everybody being new to it. The slow to update website probably had a lot to do with my expectation level. In fact, it went off much better than I expected and I’ll be going back next year.

I went to two sessions on Joomla (one was a community meeting and the other was a practical hands on install session with basic configuration). After that I spent some time at the mini tradeshow (the BSD folks were there as well) which was pretty good - open source projects as well as companies such as RedHat and IBM. You can see the full list at the website. I also went to an Open Source Advocacy Town Hall type meeting which seemd to be mostly about how do we get the word out (my opinion would be more how do we fight the apathy of end users) and had to leave early - the LPI people were putting on an exam and I was getting my proctor training. After that, I went to the closing Keynote by John “Maddog” Hall. I believe the distilled essence was something like “We make too much crap that uses too many resources. We need a better way. Let’s all do something about it” I’m probably missing an item or two, as the presentation was about an hour long and had a lot of slides. It was pretty interesting and I’d like to get my hands on a copy of the presentation. There was a post conference reception an hour or so later, but I went back to my brother’s place and spent some time socializing.

I have a few pictures of the conference, and I’m going to post them on my other blog, where I make slightly more politically correct statements about things.

Site errors - possibly nailed Where shall we have the December meeting?

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