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Jan 16, 2005 - 1 minute read - Comments

January Meeting

Happy new year to all!

Meeting delayed 1 week: Now January 27

It’s 2005 and we should try something new for ovSAGE. We should have a training session during the meetings, a Q&A, maybe a vendor visit, or a hardware presenation. This doesn’t have to be every meeting, but we are supposed to be about forwarding the profession.

It’s a bit late to do anything like this for January, so how about next month? Anyone have a pet project they want to get going? Some technology they want to implement? Lets get a few show and tell sessions on the go and get a few contributions up on the site. We ahe a forum, and we have postings. I can create new areas as we want them, and if someone want to start a discussion group, we can have that as well. I will be reviving the Mailman list for February, so we will have a mailing list available again.

December Meeting: Thursday, Dec 16 February Meeting

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