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Jul 6, 2009 - 2 minute read - Comments

It's the Uncle Bloggy Show...

It seems I’m a bit verbose this week.

First, my ISP is still having problems letting me send email from my servers. I am of the opinion that rebooting a cisco router multiple times a day in the vain hope that I will get the port unstuck is a bit much to expect. So far, no response to my question as to how much longer I will have to put up with this. Stay tuned for another exciting episode of “Help Desk Opera.”

The inspiration for the post tonight: 10 Business Lessons I Learned from Playing Dungeons & Dragons, which I saw on Slashdot. It brought back fond memories, so I read the article and remembered how much fun it was. It’s been about 10 years since I’ve run a game and I find that I miss the weekly event. Amazing what simple pleasures you forget about.

I’ve also been using Wordpress to act as my notes repository at $DAYJOB and it has worked out surprisingly well. I added PDF generation to the system today and discovered that not all png files are created equal. All of my PDF’s were missing the larger images. After a lot of screwing around, I tried something new and redid all of the images as jpg and everythign worked. Interesting but annoying. I’m also getting quite happy with the ease of maintenance so far. I may move this site to Wordpress yet. It has everything I am using and is much simpler to maintain. At least the pain points are not obvious yet.

If I’m still happy with it in a couple of weeks, that will be the death knell for this iteration and time to move on. As I said before, the attempt to migrate to a newer version failed misrably and I’m not that interested in debugging php 4, php5, mysql and the plugin interactions. This is supposed to be an enjoyable endeavor.

In other news, I have sent the slides from my DNS talk to Tim and hopefully this time they will be readable and will get posted at Pythian. Hmm.. another reason to switch over, the file management and such for Wordpress is very easy to work with.

And sometimes you forget to hit submit. July Meeting

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