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Feb 23, 2007 - 1 minute read - Comments

issue/bug/feature tracking

We’re looking at bug tracking software at work, so I am trying out

  • bugzilla
  • trac

Both are bug trackers (or issue trackers or feature trackers) which serve up content from databases to browsers. Here are some notes:


  • integrates with apache, MySql (or postgresql if you prefer), cvs, lxr
  • can browse source code repository (cvs by default, using lxr or linux cross reference)


  • integrates with apache (or it can run its own standalone server tracd, or it can run from inetd), sqlite3, svn
  • incorporates a wiki
  • can browse source code repository (svn by default)

I’m trying to make a separate trac instance for each project, so I can run the server process as a separate user and have all the related files owned by that user. It was a fair bit of work (but possible) to make apache do that.

Another way to do that (as Scott said) is to do user authentication with apache, but then funnel the requests to individual tracd’s using mod_proxy. I will look into that RSN.

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