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Jan 4, 2015 - 1 minute read - Comments

I have migrated hosting providers again

This seems to happen every couple of years.

I keep trying to find a Canadian hosting provider that offers capabilities similar to the one I use in the US and at a similar price point. Every time I find one, it ends up getting bought out. The last one was adequate, but had a number of issues (no shell access for starters) that I had problems with. This time I’m using a VPS from a Montreal provider to see how well it works. The initial tests were quite good, so I have migrated over. As it is a full virtual server as opposed to a chrooted area, I have more control and I’m happy with that.

I expect I may have missed a setting or two while performing the migration, so there may be some things that do not work as expected. The last time I set this up, it was on a RHEL based system and this time it is Debian based, so there are a few differences in how you accomplish some of the tasks. Learning is always good.

I’m sure someone will point out issues if they find any. Comments should be open for a couple of weeks and there is always the mailing list.

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