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Jul 14, 2009 - 2 minute read - Comments

Changing site engines seems to be a good idea...

I’ve found enough information on converting from Drupal to Wordpress to make it worth the effort. Once done, the directory structure and the setup seem to be much more intuitive that the Drupal interface. Who knows? Maybe I’m just lazy.

Seriously though, the site has gone through 3 revisions over the years and a couple of mailing lists. Interestingly enough, I still have all of the data, even from the first days (written in MS Front Page) and a yahoo group for the mailing list. We then went to a package called Geeklog which sufficied for a while and no mailing list. Geeklog eventually got hacked and filled with more comment spam than I ever wanted to play with again. That inspired going to Drupal and after a comment by an unnamed person, adding mailman, which has done well, but as I commented in a prior post, failed utterly on the upgrade to the newer version. It may be incompatible plugins, who knows. The bottom line if the upgrade blew technicolour chunks. I backed out and continued on the old system.

I’ve been considering Joomla! and Wordpress. Joomla! has a lot to recommend it, but I’m rather taken with the simplicity of Wordpress and since this is effectively a blog with some extras, it seems to fit well. I’ll have a demo site up in a couple of weeks as well, and the mailman mailing list is staying.

I’m also pretty happy with the file handling capabilities of Wordpress. It looks pretty useful long term and unless I get very idiotic about extensions, it should remain stable and maintainable for quite some time to come.

Of course, this means a layout change (easier menus) and possibly a new registration. It may actually import the existing user base seamlessly. At least I hope so :)

Time will tell. Once I’ve converted, I’ll post the conversion procedure. It may even make for a presentation/talk subject.

July Meeting Since I'm considering changing the site engine...

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