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Apr 16, 2006 - 2 minute read - Comments

April Meeting

Time for another meeting. This will probably be our last meeting at Altera, as Kelly will be finishing up there in mid May. I’ll have to look for a new location, so it may be a Tim Hortons for a while and then possibly a community center or some such ilk.

As for topics, how about data center practices? I’ve been attempting to trace cabling on and off for the past couple of weeks and it drove home how much better BNR had managed their data centers.

To add to that, I saw this posted on the LOPSA tech list and thought I’d pass it on…

“A cable, by definition, has labels on both ends detailing certain information. Pieces of shielded copper which don’t have such labels are not actually cables, and any admin who finds them is obligated to either make them into cables, via labeling, or remove them. Removal of a piece of rogue copper, no matter how important, reflects poorly on the person who put the rogue copper in, not the person who removed it.”

Some of the things we could discuss would include equipment labeling standards, cabling standards, how to label, what to label, how to track things. Also, patch vs BIX, why power and lan cables shouldn’t run side by side, etc.

LPI Certification is on for the Open Source Weekend OSW: Free Culture Carleton

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