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Mar 8, 2010 - 1 minute read - Comments

And the fun continues...

Something I had noticed a couple of posts ago was bothering me today and I decided to search out the problem and see if there was a fix for it.

The problem being the tags for a post were no longer working. I had used them for the first post, but when I decided to use them a couple of posts ago, no luck. I ignored it as something to look at later and when I posted my HDD woes, the tags were still broken. I tried again today and still broken…

However, there was a firebug warning for the page. It was complaining about a JavaScript error. Some problem that I hadn’t seen before. Anyway, rather than wade in, I decided to see if anyone else had the problem and there was a post and a solution. It appears that the event plugin includes a deprecated JavaScript module and if you comment it out, things appear to go back to normal. While this isn’t the official patch - probably because there isn’t one, it seems to work. The URL for the article is:

Tags: events module javascript tag issue

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