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I’m sitting in my hotel room after the initial get together at LISA15. Since I’m a little tired and the tutorials start tomorrow morning, I decided to take a quiet evening and catch up on a few things. One of those being the followup to last month’s meeting.

While we still had a smaller crowd, the topic was interesting, at least to me. I finally got around to doing a basic talk on docker. As I’m far from an expert, it was not terribly detailed, but it was a new topic for the people attending. The part that didn’t seem to be obvious until I pointed it out was that I was running software in a container that was using a different OS. It was so fast and seamless on the command line that nobody noticed it until I explicitly pointed it out. Something tells me that there will be a followup talk with some better examples in the new year.

Next month will be the post LISA talk where I’ll be talking about interesting concepts from the conference, some LOPSA info and probably picking topics for next year.

As a reminder, we will be having our annual social instead of a talk in December. This will be a Monday night, Dec 14 at 7:00pm. I’ll need a count of people for the reservation, so send me an email if you are going and if you will be bringing a guest.

We had more people than I expected tonight, so that was a plus. While it was a very informal evening and not on topic all evening, we did manage to get a couple of people back on track with GPG. Don’t forget to exchange public keys and sign them and send them back. The more signatures, the more trusted the GPG key.

The site I mentioned for random password generation is: http://world.std.com/~reinhold/diceware.html

Perhaps I’ll have sufficient free time over the next few weeks to get my formal talk in place for October.

It was a small turnout tonight, probably something to do with work schedules, deliverables, vacations and Brazilian style rain. The good news is that due to a laptop issue and a spate of excess work, I had not managed to get my docker talk together, so I recycled a talk I had done for OCLUG earlier this year.

The talk was on static site generation and it featured a demo that used digital ocean droplets (docker like instances) for the source machine representing a laptop or desktop and the target web server. The demo consisted of creating two linux environments, adding the necessary (minimal) packages and creating a website from some markdown text files and a little css and javascript magic. The object being to showcase the use of services like digital ocean to provide on demand environments for specific tasks. More information will be in the talk that I hope to have ready for September. The slides for the talk are also available.

I guess immediately means about a week later.

The slides for the talk are up, but you will need to log in to get them. The default login URL has been altered on this site. It’s amazing how many spam registrations that has reduced. I’ll have to see about adding back a login box on the main page. I’ll probably get around to an SSL cert as well in the next couple of weeks. I could always just add a self-signed one, which would be sufficient for this site. I’m probably going to add copies of the scripts as well. It is the same info as in the slides and the php one has been fixed so it now works. There have been a few changes in the php wrapper since the article I got the example from was written. There was a lot of talk while the presentation was going on and half the time was demos to illustrate the points. This will not make you an expert by any stretch of the imagination, however it should get you into the basics.


I guess I’ve been a little remiss in posting the follow-up note. The notes are available in the download section, but you have to log in to get them. Unfortunately I had to alter the login URL due to the number of spam registrations I have been getting. Every time I post something that hits twitter, the spam registrations come rolling in. At some point in the near future, I’ll add a login box back on the front page.

I’ll be posting the July follow-up pretty much immediately.