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18:45 May Meeting 2015: TBA
May Meeting 2015: TBA
May 21 @ 18:45 – 20:45
Details not finalized yet. Opening lightning/flash/ignite talk on USB 3 horrors Main talk not decided on yet.

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Today is Pi Day, assuming we follow month-day dating. Better yet, if we happen to use American style dating, March 3, 2015 becomes 3-14-15. That is as close to 3.1415 as we get for another hundred years.

To celebrate all things geeky, Bruce, Andrea and I met up for a slice of pi(e). There should have been a few more, but the freezing rain may have put the others off. In order to be fair, we may have to celebrate tau day next.


We had a rather small attendance this month, so rather than have the puppet talk, I decided to put it off until March and we had a free-form meeting instead. Some discussion of WordPress, which linux distros are appropriate for what settings, etc.

We need to have another idea session, so part of the time at the next meeting will reserved to put together a topic list for the rest of the year and see if anyone has a pet project or new technology they wish to give a talk on.

This seems to happen every couple of years.

I keep trying to find a Canadian hosting provider that offers capabilities similar to the one I use in the US and at a similar price point. Every time I find one, it ends up getting bought out. The last one was adequate, but had a number of issues (no shell access for starters) that I had problems with. This time I’m using a VPS from a Montreal provider to see how well it works. The initial tests were quite good, so I have migrated over. As it is a full virtual server as opposed to a chrooted area, I have more control and I’m happy with that.

I expect I may have missed a setting or two while performing the migration, so there may be some things that do not work as expected. The last time I set this up, it was on a RHEL based system and this time it is Debian based, so there are a few differences in how you accomplish some of the tasks. Learning is always good.

I’m sure someone will point out issues if they find any. Comments should be open for a couple of weeks and there is always the mailing list.

Met up with a few sysadmins for SysAdmin Appreciation Day at Pasticceria Gelatteria Italiana in Ottawa’s Little Italy. Not everyone was in the picture, I only managed one due to conversation.


Good times… lots of stories, work talk, tech discussion, good natured insults, vocabulary expansion, coffee, paninnis, gelato, pastries, etc.

Looking forward to next year.


We had an informative talk by Kelly on online training options based on his recent experiences. As we discussed the information, we discovered the talk could be expanded to include all of the local and online resources to provide continuous self-improvement for sysadmins who either have free time outside of work, are working part-time, may be between contracts or are looking to take some time off for training.

Kelly is looking to update the talk to include the extra items we discussed and possibly do a followup talk in the new year. When he has done the updates to the current talk, we will make it available online for anyone who be interested in the resources we talked about.

Other items we discussed included:

  • The venue for our end of year annual social event. We will have a brief discussion on that next month, after the talk.
  • Firmware mods for commercially available consumer devices, a topic item for next months talk.
  • Cisco selling its Linksys line to Belkin
  • Out of left field, video editing. I mentioned the open shot video editor as a possible solution.

I also plan on posting a follow-up to the May talk on environmental monitoring once I have built the probes and done the testing to go with the unit I talked about. It is a little late, but I have been involved in other things and have not spent any time on it.